Randy Chung aoshi at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Aug 22 03:04:05 CEST 2004

The three things below are patched in one way or another in the file 
attached.  Size increment hints for resizing aren't set, though.



Randy Chung wrote:

> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>> 2) it would probably make sense to have a "close tab" option in the 
>> file menu.  yes, i know, quitting the shell in a tab will close it 
>> too.  but for completeness' sake...

>> 3) resizing.  you should be able to make the window smaller than its 
>> initial size.  also, it should set size increment hints so the window 
>> manager will constrain the window size to increments of the column 
>> widths/row heights.
>> 4) adding tabs shouldn't resize the window.  in fact, nothing should 
>> ever automatically resize the window except a font size change.

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