xfdesktop: background list editor: "external" executable

Danny Milosavljevic danny.milo at gmx.net
Mon Aug 16 11:14:03 CEST 2004


Am Sonntag, den 15.08.2004, 23:08 -0700 schrieb Brian J. Tarricone:
> Danny Milosavljevic wrote:
> >Hi Brian,
> >
> >I wonder if it would make sense to make the xfdesktop background list
> >editor an external executable.
> >
> not particularly... i think it's fine where it is.  do you see a=20
> compelling reason to change it?  btw, thanks for the menu NoDisplay
> patch - i'll probably get a chance to look at it in a couple days.

Hmm, if the background list editor of xfdesktop loads all the images,
and I close the progress window, the mcs manager crashes ? But I guess
thats just a bug thats supposed to be fixed *grins*

Other than that no particular reason except for the process seperation
in the separate exe ;) [since background list editing is already a kinda
big task where stuff can go wrong]

Ow yeah and what about including the xfce-get-background into
xfdesktop ;) Useless borderline features yay yay *grins*
nah, seriously, it would be cool to have ^^

> FYI, all - my move to california is completed, and i start my first
> at my new job tomorrow (monday, that is).  after i'm settled in a
> better, i'll get back to work on xfce...

yay yay :D

Have fun on your first day, but beware of uncommon work rules ;) like
always having to come into the office from the north side, because at
the south side its unlucky to do so ;)

As you can guess, I'm indisponized right now, so I'm bored out of my
mind (when I'm not sleeping, which I'm doing for 3/4 of the day right
now, thanks to the frigging EB Virus...)

ow well, I get time off, not that I have much of it when wasting the
most part of it by sleeping ;)



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