xfwm4 kbd shortcut editor feature request

Leonard Clark jaymz at ispwest.com
Sat Aug 7 01:32:53 CEST 2004


The howto has a quick section on this, works fine:


 From xfce.org:
"This is how to create a personal key theme :

$ mkdir -p ~/.themes/xfwm4/custom.keys/
$ cp /usr/local/share/xfwm4/themes/default.keys/keythemerc 
$ ${EDITOR} ~/.themes/xfwm4/custom.keys/keythemerc"

That oughta do ya :-)

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> hi JF,
> if i don't have any custom keybinding profiles defined, the only one in 
> the list is 'Default', and i can attempt to edit it, but if i try, i get 
> an error that it can't write to the file in $prefix/share/themes/....  
> it would be much more useful to somehow show the user (set the widgets 
> on the right insensitive?) if a profile is non-editable, and provide a 
> means to create a new profile from within the GUI.
> thoughts?
> 	-brian
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