xfdesktop new stuff - needs testing

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Wed Apr 21 18:40:17 CEST 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> hi all-
> i committed a huge amount of stuff to xfdesktop this morning, and it 
> should hopefully address a bunch of multiscreen (non-xinerama) issues.  
> i know there will be problems with it, as i obviously can't test it, and 
> there are a few things i'm just not sure about.

IIRC there is an option for Xnest to use 2 screens. Would that help you?

> there's a new settings dialog that needs testing as well.  note: the 
> color gradients don't do anything yet.  note2: all your old desktop 
> settings are now lost, as the MCS setting names have all changed (mainly 
> just to "setting_screennum").  so write them down before updating if you 
> care.

Some quick comments.

- Don't block the settings manager dialog (did you use gtk_dialog_run? 

- You probably shouldn't show the 'Screen 0' tab when there's only one 

- Could we try and find a way to not have a notebook in a notebook? 
Perhaps multiple Background tabs in the main notebook (Background 1, 
Background 2, Menu), or an option menu to choose the screen, with a 
checkbutton to use the same setting for all screens? I think I like that 
last option.

- If there is no better way, at least put a border around the inner 

- (mostly my fault) The dialog is starting to look rather cluttered now. 
Lot's of text, seemingly randomly positioned, the 'Don't set backdrop' 
option seems out of place. I have no idea how to solve it though.

- I don't think we should use 'Backdrop' in our user interface. I'd 
prefer a more 'normal' word like background. This is of course very much 
personal opinion.

No code, just words, I'm afraid :/


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