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Ted Sola ted at
Wed Apr 14 15:12:03 CEST 2004

On ons, 2004-04-14 at 10:28, purslow at wrote:
> 040413 Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> > perhaps what we need is a feature request tracker. 
> > Then people can comment there, point to the discussion,
> > claim features to implement,
> > reject features or support them as long as someone else does the work etc.
> </spectate>
> that seems like a very good idea
> or simply allow feature requests in the bug tracker
> with a flag to say which is which:
> it might go along with 'severe/normal/minor' as '/request'.
> > Then you could agree with the desktop icon request
> > and assign it to yourself.
> as a user who likes the basic elegance which has always distinguished XFCE,
> i'm opposed to desktop icons: we have panel launchers & an iconbox,
> which are both neat & do real jobs efficiently,
> & we have multiple desktops to allow intelligent sorting of tasks.
> desktop icons are a M$ idea, because it doesn't have launchers or multidesks
> & it encourages its slaves to put document icons on their one desktop,
> which they can then click like a TV channel for M$ to open as it sees fit.
> there is a distinct XFCE way of doing things & it's better (smile).
> <spectate>

I could not agree with you more, and I personally feel that desktop
icons is one of the things that should not be a feature to maintain
simplicity. Unfortunately I am not god, and the desktop icons are
coming. From what I understand not very soon though, and the most
important thing is that it will be an option, and can totally be "turned
off". So it won't have an impact on us who does not like desktop icons
after all and happy we are :)

This is what Brian J. Tarricone tells me anyway, so don't flame me if
something of this is not true :^)

love ted

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