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Fri Apr 2 05:57:36 CEST 2004

El jue, 01-04-2004 a las 16:59, Brian J. Tarricone escribió:

> so, opinions?  benny, feel free to correct me if i've left anything out 
> that we talked about.

Quite a deal of work is involved here which does not provide any new
features or incentives for non-xfce users to switch. So we might ask the

Adhering to a standard is very good, but is it the best choice? I ask
this because the standard in my country is ---by long and far--- decided
upon at Redmond, Wa.. I do not think that that standard is the best
choice, so I do not follow it. 

We must consider that members of the development team have jobs,
obligations, and not too much spare time. I'd rather dedicate time to
making xfce code faster, smaller and more efficient than getting stars
on my forehead for adhering to such and such norm ---which is bound to
change eventually.

That said ---and I hope you're still with me---, I do think it very
important to get this icon business uniform for xfce. But maybe ---off
the top of my head--- we can think of an improved xfce-standard which
supersedes the freedesktop standard. Otherwise, if we are not
contributing anything new to the progress of open software, could our
time be better spent?

>     -brian
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