xfce version 3 vs. 4 : missing features?

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Tue Sep 30 02:31:57 CEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 17:39, Philip Webb wrote:

> as a very satisfied user of 3.8.18 , who has yet to try 4.0
> due to waiting to finish building a new box & installing a suitable Linux,
> i've been reading this lengthy thread with some disquiet.
> two of the things i really like about XFCE are the abilities
> (1) to roll up a window with a R-click on the title-bar &

That was one of the things I liked of xfce3 too. But the wheel mouse
function is much more intuitive. You roll the window up and down. If you
use a touchpad or other thing with only 2 buttons, the double click on
title can be set to roll/unroll. So now I don't miss the xfce3 function
at all. In fact, when I use a box with xfce3, the roll on r-click even
annoys me, go figure...

> (2) to make a window shrivel up into an icon by clicking the box marked 'dot';
> it is slightly irritating to have to double-click to re-open the latter,
> but that can be lived with (double-clicks go back to the days
> when mice had only  1  button -- eg the original Mac -- & sb avoided today).
> however apparently, both these useful features are absent in 4.0
> & there's also a problem with allowing users to choose icons for the icon-box.

That irritated me too, until I found out Xfce3 can be configured for
just one click to reopen the latter...

> i have found Bijou's responses rather burocratic
> & hope that the coding team will try to find ways to accommodate critics
> by adding appropriate options in later versions.

There are so many MS users out there that, if all critics are
accommodated, xfce will become a windows clone. So we have an ISO9001
system for dealing with criticism. That which is taken most seriously
comes from those who contribute code, translations, bandwidth, package
creation and generally their time. Everybody else must pass through Joe
Klemmer's office. ;-)

> my  CAD 0,02  ... (smile)

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