xrandr support / xffm: cursor keys

Jeroen Valkonet jvalkon at xs4all.nl
Sat Sep 13 10:50:59 CEST 2003

Two things:

- when i select another screensize for X-Window (e.g. using xrandr -s 2 
or ALT-numpad + / ALT-numpad -), xfce4 doesn't seem to notice. When i 
maximize a window afterwards it's maximized agains the previous 
screensize. The panel also isn't recentered. Gnome (recent versions 
anyway) handles this correctly, i.e. shrink windows/panel where needed 

- the treecontrol in xffm accepts navigating using the cursor keys which 
is great. But to close the current folder i have to move up all the way 
to the directoryname and only then can it be closed (using the LEFT 
key). If i know i want to close it anyway why not let the LEFT key close 
it right away from any of the files (ofcourse including the currently 
selected file) ?

Jeroen Valkonet

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