kill client removed (mail in Moe's name)

James Tappin sjt at
Fri Sep 12 16:44:17 CEST 2003

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003 14:04:34 +0200
nestu <nestu at> wrote:

N> Olivier Fourdan wrote:
N> > Hi all,
N> Hello! ;)
N> I'm sending this mail in Moe's name because
N> <quote>
N> <Moe> nestu: Could you please do me a favour and write a mail to the 
N> xfce4-dev objecting against the feature removal announced by Olivier?
N> <Moe>I can't send any mail to it because I haven't set up my email 
N> client for sending emails for my lunar account
N>   </quote>
N> > Until now, there was a kind of hidden function in xfwm4: If you
N> > click using the right mouse button on the close button, the client
N> > was killed(ala xkill)
N> > 
N> > I decided to remove this functionality for the final release as I
N> > think it's a bit dangerous (if you right click by mistake the
N> > client is killed and has no chance to recover or prompt the user
N> > for unsaved data, for example)
N> <quote>
N> <Moe> Just that clicking on the big X means to close an application
N> .. it doesn't matter wether somebody uses the left or (accidentaly)
N> the right button
N> <Moe> I'm using this feature alot .. ripping it off would mean
N> killing every crapped off application by hand via a terminal :-/
N> </quote>

How about using Ctrl-Alt-Esc then click anywhere in the application to
be blasted from the face of the earth for this function (the same as KDE
does) that wouldn't get done accidentally.


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