System Tray for KDE apps

Ariel Arjona lists at
Fri Sep 5 23:00:06 CEST 2003


Being this my first post to this list, and my first week using xfce, I 
apologize in advance for my newbieness

I installed RC3 a few days ago, and I noticed something with KDE apps. 
The apps that use the system tray, in my case the latest Kopete and 
Ksirc do not display their icons in the xfce tray but as a small 
separate window. Moreso, this window is not repainted because  when I 
resize it, I see trails of the icon as it moves. GTK apps, however do 
use the systray properly (xchat and gaim in my case).

I can provide screenshots and other debugging information if you guys 
need them.

My system is a 1.4 Athlon with RedHat 9, up to date. My KDE is 3.1.3. 
Kopete 0.7.1. XFCE4-RC3. Being a KDE user, my Gnome related programs are 
as current as RH's up2date has them, with a few exceptions.

Best regards,
Ariel Arjona

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