Harun Musa mharun at
Wed Sep 3 10:16:25 CEST 2003


I'm running xfce4_rc3 with P133 with 32MB RAM  128MB Swap
system base on LFS-4.0 book

xfce3 - pt_BR translated

xfce4 -I think no one translate yet

please consult the one that translate for xfce3
or join your translation team

>Hello There,
>My name is Felix and I'm from Brazil. Firstly I'd like to thanks everybody that work on the xfce4 project. I've been using Linux since 2001 and I was looking for an deskto environment  that can run in a single computer (Pentium 233, 64 ram) and finally I've Found. 
>I'm using xfce4-rc2 and I would like to contribute with the project, I'm not a good programmer yet, but I would like to translate xfce to brazilian portuguese. 
>Does anybody can give-me some information to start?
>is there anybody from brazil already doing this ?
>Thanks a lot.
>Felix Costa          __    Seja livre         __0
>OnLine Soluções em Informática 0\/0    use LINUX :-)    _`\<,_  
>    /(__)\  ....................(*)/ (*)
>São Paulo/SP Brasil  ^^  
>Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (Woody) 


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