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Sridhar R sridharinfinity at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 27 11:55:39 CET 2003


these might be helpful

1. AOT

2. Workspace border adjusted to exclude panel 
   so that panel and workspace border are exclusive.
   Yes.  One can manually adjust workspace border
   in settings dialog.  But it would be better if
   the settings dialog (workspace) also contain
   and small button that will automatically sets
   the workspace margins so that it won't hide
   the panel

This is a bug in xffm (not really a bug, though ..)

  Window states (size, offset) are saved so that they 
  can be restored later.
  But this has a flaw. Suppose after a window is 
  maximized the user just drags that window
  a little so that there is not effective movement, 
  and after he re-opens	that window again he can 
  see that window maximized in its normal state,
  though the original state is not maximized.
  So he has to resize that manually.
  This can be solved, by supporting another wm option 
  that disables	dragging of maximized windows

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