another useful build script with some remarks to xffm (external builddir) for xfce4

Thomas Kranz tkran2002 at
Tue Oct 14 22:29:00 CEST 2003


I would like to share my build script with others.
It would save time of building xfce4 from the stable source files and
allows a separate build and target (prefix) dir.
Suggestions and modifications (optimizations) are welcome.
Maybe someone (newbie or not) can use this.
It requires that all necessary libraries and headers not in the 
xfce4 contained are builld and installed.
I had only some problems with the xffm package:

# This configure build script works for me fine to compile xfce4 
# and the previous release candidates. I used some optimization flags and
# different install dirs. My distro ist based on suse but I'm using gnome2.4 (some applications)
# self compiled in "/opt/gnome2" and so there're also the gtk/glib libraries.
# pkg-config should find them. XFCE4 is installed to /opt/xfce4 so I can test different 
# versions. You've to add the /opt/xfce4/bin to your PATH and also the lib dir to your
# I numbered the packages. So if some package won't compile you get the error log and can fix this error.
# Then start compiling with the appropriate package by using the numbered package as script parameter.
# e.g. "./ 14" for xffm. Numbering begins with 0. So it's possible to continue compiling
# after fixing an error (maybe some header files are not found,
# in my case it was glade_support.h (of the xffm-package) and two more
# because I'm using an extra builddir.
# xffm: libs/entry.c and src/treeview.c are containing direct header links.
# These are not found with external build, so I've to change it.
# include "smb/smb_misc.h" to  "../smb/smb_misc.h"
# eg with "libs/input.h" and in libs/entry.c: glade_support.h 
# dbh and gtk-xfce-engine have to be compiled by your own; some extra xfce4 goodies too.
# The builddir are not cleaned by this script. So remove them by hand if you need this.
# Feel free to modify this script and other flags. I used gcc-2.95.3 and a distro based on SuSE with glibc 2.2.4
# Anybody building gnome 2.4
# I would like to recommend the powerful cvsgnome build script
# (
# Author: Thomas Kranz (kranz.thomas at
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