New desktop: updates

Luca Roccia little_rock at
Mon Oct 13 18:25:02 CEST 2003

Il dom, 2003-10-12 alle 13:58, Luca Roccia ha scritto:
> Icon integration with xfce is finished.
> Now you can control icons layout from xfce panel-setup.
> >From now on I'll work on showing minimized app.s on desktop.
> Please let me know if you want a preview.
Still got prob.s wiyh mail :(

Here is the new ver.

Please note:
-you have to install at lease settings/* or there will be no xfce
integration for icons and nothing will work...
-right now there is support for modifying only .lnk icons (.deskpot are
only readable).

In attach you'll find a sample .lnk (put theme in ~/desktop/.name.lnk)
Luca Roccia <little_rock at>

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