cvs + ViewCVS + Mantis (bug management) for XFce

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Thu Oct 2 16:35:57 CEST 2003

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 03:02, Jasper Huijsmans wrote:

> When we make the move, can we please make a few rearrangements as well?
> I'd like to get rid of the -devel/-extras split in CVS. Modules can
> switch between those release sets when they mature or are deprecated, or
> ... So, we should just decide that at release time, IMO.

Agreed. The 4.0 release blissfully ignored the -devel/-extras split.
> How about this proposal (mostly taken from an email I send about this in
> July):
> directory layout:
> * rename toplevel directories: 
>   xfce-stable -> xfce3.  


>   Move all modules from xfce-devel and xfce4-extras to the root dir or 
>   put them under a new toplevel xfce4 directory.

xfce4 if xfce3 is to be created.

> * rename libxfcegui4 to libxfce4gui : non-trivial, because all modules
>   must be updated. Although it does not affect its working I find the
>   different naming compared to the other libs rather annoying. Perhaps
>   it's just me ;-) 

I'd rather plain libxfcegui. But at this stage of the game renaming the
library will probably bring on many unnecessary bug reports (bogus and

> * Other renames:
>   xfce4 -> xfce4-panel


>   xfce-utils -> xfce4-utils
>   xfce-mcs-* -> xfce4-mcs-*
>   xfdesktop -> xfce4-desktop

I do not see the purpose.

>   xfprint ->xfce4-print

Maybe just xfprint4.

>   I don't know if we can do this. Perhaps there are too much compatibility 
>   issues here.
> module bundling:
> * xfce-utils. This module doesn't entirely work for me; it either
>   contains  too much or too little. 
>   A possible solution: rename to xfce4-common and move the taskbar to a 
>   separate module. Then it only contains things that are used by more
>   than one other module (scripts, xfrun) or deal with the desktop
>   environment as  a whole (docs, xfce4-about). xfce4-tips should be
>   part of this as well.
> * xfce4-toys: see above. xfce4-tips should go to xfce4-common and 
>   xfce4-eyes plugin be separate or moved to xfce-goodies. 

These two do not make much sense to me, but maybe it's just me ;-)

> * We could make an xfce4-panel-plugins module with all plugins in
>   extras.  Don't know about that. We could also move them to the new
>   xfce4-goodies repository if that becomes availabe. Or keep them as 
>   they are.

It would be nice to have all the panel plugins in the same spot. Maybe
one spot for "required plugins" and another for "optional or contributed
plugins". The scattering of plugins over at does not make
much sense to me and only makes things more difficult.

> The way to do this is to first import the CVS repository from SF to the
> new location and then try to do the surgery while trying to keep the
> loss of history information to a minimum. I hope, with direct access to
> the server we can fool CVS to understand at least some of the renames,
> but I'm not sure if that works.

I think this is more time consuming. What I would do would be arrange
everything on my local HD and then do a general checkin(s). But that is
just a suggestion for Olivier, who probably already knows how to do the
actual transfer.



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