two new xffm options

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Fri Nov 21 21:04:33 CET 2003

I've added two options to the xffm main menu:

-- Resize fonts to match icons
-- One click drag mode

They will be off until set by the user. 

The first is what Jasper and Olivier requested. 

The second is to enable the default "gtk" click&drag behaviour instead
of the click&drag behaviour that appeared in 4.0.1. It is quite
convenient to be able to choose, since the default "gtk" is much more
efficient when dragging single row selections.

Themes: BeOS, Lush, and Sky are now in xffm. They only have the icons
found in the panel theme, but if anyone wants to contribute the missing
icons (or create new themes), just copy the files to the appropriate
theme directory and use "xffm_theme_maker" to create a new mime.xml file
for the theme. xffm_theme_maker allows you to drag and drop or type in
icons for each mime type defined by the freedesktop standard and a few
other xfce-internal mimetypes.

xffm_theme_maker is at CVS-berlios, while xffm and xffm-icons are at the
CVS HEAD branches. 

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