desktopmenu future plans?

Tuukka Mäkinen tukem at
Fri Nov 21 02:25:07 CET 2003

What kind of plans there are for desktop menu? I thought of learning 
linux programming by writing a graphical editor for editing the 
menu.xml. However I noticed that xfdesktop already contains some code 
for setting an "edit" state.

The information I'm looking for is:
1. Are there plans to make additions to xml part? A check against dtd 
file maybe.
2. Is the current method of parsing good? It has two stages:
    1. The document is parsed into GList with menuitem data
    2. Then this list is turned into the menu by calling 
gtk_item_factory_create_item for each menuitem in GList. This stage also 
includes converting menuitem data so that gtk_item... function accepts it.

Hmm.. It might be better to ask what were the arguments for choosing 
this implementation instead of e.g combining above stage into one and 
creating the menu while parsing xml file.

3. What is the planned schedule for modifications/additions to 
desktopmenu? I ask so that I don't start anything someone is already 
working on.


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