Plugin interface: Information and Version

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Wed Nov 12 15:59:20 CET 2003

Ooh, nice, design discussions ;-) Good.

Op 2003-11-12 15:29:08 schreef edscott wilson garcia:
> > Slightly longer answer: I would really like to provide a bit more
> > facilities to plugin developers from the panel. I was thinking  
> about
> a
> > small plugin library,
> If you could make these functions to be shared live in a library
> instead
> of the xfce4 binary, I, for one, would be grateful. My crazy idea

That was my intention. Mind you there's no code yet.

> this
> morning (well, I've pondering for a while) is to make the xffm
> toolbars
> configurable by turning the elements into plugins. These would be
> xfce4
> compatible so they could be shared.

What toolbar elements do you mean exactly?

What I though initially when you started xffm, was that the toplevel  
tree branches could be provided by plugins (local, bookmarks,  
samba, ...).

> One plugin I see missing is a "sticky launcher", which is the same as
> a
> "launcher", with the exception that the last clicked-on menu element
> gets swapped with the main launcher element. This will be needed for
> xffm and would be a nice option to have for xfce4.

Perhaps a 'recently lauched programs' plugin taking the form of a  
normal launcher. Interesting ...

Blue sky mode:

While we are discussing some broader design issues, what I was thinking  
about for the panel was to create an XfceItembar widget that can  
contain XfceItem elements with a well defined interface to set/get  
orientation, iconsize, etc. This could be used by the panel, the  
taskbar and the iconbox.

Plugins would provide ways to create an XfceItem instance. This could  
perhaps even give us some sort of general plugin API for Xfce. Using  
this interface it would be easy to incorporate panel items like the  
clock into the taskbar, and also the systemtray and the graphical pager  
could be shared.

Or alternatively the taskbar and iconbox could become instances of the  
panel, I haven't decided what I would prefer.

> >
> > Definitely 4.2,
> >

Or even later ... ;-)

> > 	Jasper

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