XFce4 in Debian GNU/Linux Sarge

Nathaniel McCallum natem at bestweb.net
Mon Nov 10 04:08:30 CET 2003

As far as I know, they are trying to get Gnome 2.4 into testing.  Gnome 2.2
is in there now.  I suspect it would take a lot less time to get xfce4 into
testing than to put gnome 2.4 in...

On 11/9/03 3:45 PM, "Martin Loschwitz" <madkiss at madkiss.org> wrote:
Yes. XFce4 was released when the plan to release Sarge on Dec 1st was
already announced. We will not be able to release Sarge at Dec 1st. XFce4
was removed from testing in meanwhile (because the CVS snapshots were too
buggy). I guess getting it back into testing would take way too long (esp.
since in theory, we already have a 'no-more-unnecessary-changes'-phrase).

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