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Joost Kremers joostkremers at
Mon Nov 3 17:39:26 CET 2003

i installed XFce4 a few days ago, and i'm really impressed with it. i have
two questions and a remark, though.

as to the remark: the web page says that apart from using startxfce4, you
can create a ~/.xinitrc with 'exec xfce4-panel' as the last line. note,
however, that this construction means that the panel cannot be restarted
with 'killall -USR1 xfce4-panel' (e.g. to load a newly installed plug-in)
because the exec statement causes xinitrc and therefore X to be stopped
when xfce4-panel stops.

(i'm using ~/.xinitrc because startxfce4 seems to cause emacs to
segfault. that's probably a font issue that i'm not going to investigate,
unless someone here would like me to.)

as to my questions, i'm not sure if i should post them here or on the users
list. my apologies if they are off-topic here.

1. is it possible to create an aqua-like theme for the user interface
   (i.e. not for the window decorations, which already come with an
   aqua-theme.) i tried using a theme for gtk (from, but i
   found that the XFce themes apparently do not allow you to specify images
   for widgets, which the gtk themes do allow. when i select a gtk theme
   from the list box in the user interface theme selector, the colours of
   the windows change, but the widgets do not. (i tried this with the
   AquaX, AquaGraphite and AquaLightBlue themes from

2. is it possible to add an icon to the panel and remove it again from
   within a (bash) script? i would like to add an icon to the panel for
   each device that i have mounted, and by clicking that icon it should
   unmount the device. right now, i have unmount options in the panel menu
   associated with the xffm button, but i'd like to do it the other
   way. (mmm, i guess i could always try my hand at writing a panel plugin
   to do this...)



Joost Kremers
Life has its moments

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