xffm will crash when browsing to a public-samba-share with SMB_USER env set

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Thu May 22 22:08:56 CEST 2003

Hello Don,

On Thu, 2003-05-22 at 12:53, Don Tanner wrote:
> Hello,
> xffm will crash if you have a samba share like this : (which is a very sane and common public share entry)

It wasn't exactly a crash. It was smbclient asking for a password on
stdin. I've fixed xffm so that if no password is specified through the
mcs-plugin, then no password will be required through stdin.

A current problem with X is that if the application was not started in a
terminal, and input is required from stdin, X does not know how to
handle it and hangs (that's why you had to kill your X-session to get
out of the loop). I don't know if a bug workaround through the window
manager is possible, but my guess is no.

I've also added distinct icons for mounted/unmounted fstab elements and
menu elements to activate or hide top level branches, so there's more to
be had from current CVS.



> -------snippet from smb.conf--------------------
> [public-ftp]
>         comment = top secret stealth mission
>         path = /home/ftp/pub
>         guest only = Yes
>         guest ok = Yes
> ------end snippet from smb.conf----------------
> and try to browse to it with any value other than empty/null set in SMB_USER.
> Here is the recreation / scenario in details:
> 1) If I try to browse to this public share with xffm and I DO have an entry env setting (user-name) for the  "SMB_USER" env it
>      will freeze up my entire X session and i have to do the ctrl-alt-bksp. Only way to get un-froze.
> 2) If I try to browse this same samba public share with xffm and I DO NOT have an entry 
>      in SMB_USER env null/empty it will browse it with no problem.
> 3) xftree/xfsamba (from xfce3) does not have this problem with same scenario.
> My build of xfce4 = 2003 May 22 00:30:00 CST ... did a fresh install of everything at that time
> including removing ALL old libraries before rebuild.
> I can consistently recreate this crash.
> I would send more info on the crash but I am not seeing any errors an any logs to give you.
> Peace
> Don
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