xfwm: Auto-focus on window creation ? :)

Danny danny.milo at gmx.net
Wed May 21 22:15:42 CEST 2003


Am Mit, 2003-05-21 um 22.34 schrieb Olivier Fourdan:
> Hi Danny,
> To be able to detect that the user is actually typing, the window
> manager would have to grab all keys... Doesn't sound too reasonnable to
> me (at least because if the WM is busy, the events won't be forwarded to
> the application until the WM forward them)

I see, true, would be weird :) 

Well, if it can't be done without nasty side effects, its no good... 

Its just that the focus-wandering-off-while-i-type-something happened
about 3 times today as the program I'm writing *whisper* starts
particularily sloooow... ;)
not that important :)

> Cheers,
> Olivier.


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