SMB Browsing problem in xffm

edscott edscott at
Wed May 14 19:59:51 CEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-05-14 at 07:03, Peter Mitchub wrote:
> Thanks a lot as it is working now!!! I still have one issue tho,
> whenever I try to find out the remote file's properties, i.e. Size
> etc., i cannot do so (the right-click menu does not show the File->
> entry) but only the other entries like "Copy". Even when enabling the
> xffm menubar, and choosing File->Properties with the remote file
> selected, I get an error message saying something: Select path first
> (or similar)..
> Any ideas?

Not all the local file features are available for remote smb files. For
release 4.2 we plan to include more options. OTH, you can get the file
information by showing the date and size columns (toggled with F6 and



> Thanks again!!!
> Peter
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