SMB Browsing problem in xffm

Pete Masterson mitchubus at
Mon May 12 20:46:43 CEST 2003

Hi all,

i've just tried to use the (AMAZING) xffm for SMB
browing  on our network domain. I've setup smb.conf
properly (i think), as a manual mount works just fine.

Basically, when i double click the domain name i get
the following output:

XFSAMBA> smbclient -N -L //IS~SERVER
added interface ip=... bcast=... nmask=...
Connection to IS~SERVER failed

I don't know why it uses "IS~" because a manual 

smbclient -U username -L //SERVER


smbclient -U username -L //IS~SERVER


Does anyone know how to deal with this (i.e.
configuring username/password and why xffm is choosing
IS~ .... ??? 

Thanks a lot!!

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