Split Screen View in xffm

Philip Dean pdengineer at myrealbox.com
Fri May 9 17:59:12 CEST 2003

For what it is worth, I will throw my name onto the list that would enjoy this option.  To me honest, right now most of my file management is done in a term or mc.  I just haven't gotten used to the tree view in xffm.


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El jue, 08-05-2003 a las 20:10, Don Tanner escribió:
> Greetings,
> I would like to suggest a split screen view in xffm.
> Not only would this just be nice to have, it will complete the Drag+Drop capabitites of xfce4/xffm.
> I believe that if you were to implement split screen it would be more economical time wise and
> would of course negate the need for having 2 seperate xffm sessions which creates a less
> streamlined desktop.
> This could also save on system resources.

Apparently this might be so, by using different treeview of the same
treemodel. It would involve quite some changes since all actions are
treeview --not treemodel-- dependent. Let's see how many other users
would like such an option before deciding.


> IMO, split-screen-view will make xffm a 100% usable and well rounded File Manager.
> This would be wonderful !
> I am positive that many (if not all) xfce4/xffm users would utilize this specific feature.
> I (and many others) would greatly appreciate if you would consider my suggestion.
> Peace
> Don
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