ongoing panel & taskbar problems

Net Llama! netllama at
Thu May 8 23:29:49 CEST 2003

I performed a fresh cvs checkout this morning, and built XFCE4 withou any

Unfortunately, the following two problems continue to plague me:

1) I can't get xftaskbar4 to run.  Running it manually produces the
xftaskbar4: error while loading shared libraries: xftaskbar4: undefined
symbol: xfce_system_tray_new

2) The panel refuses to stay where i drag it.  It insists on appearing
centered vertically on the left side of my screen.  If i drag it where i
want it (vertical, in the bottom right corner), it jumps right back again.
Note this only happens when 'autohide' is turned on.

Note that i've built & installed XFCE4 now on 3 separate boxes (all Linux
based) and only one is exhibiting these problems.

Lonni J Friedman				netllama at
Linux Step-by-step & TyGeMo

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