xffm on solaris 2.6

K. Prasad mvkp at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 16:45:38 CEST 2003

Hi edscott,

For the latest xffm, i did plug and pray, but it still
doesn't play. Firstly, the configure script finds the
statfs fn and enables the HAVE_STATFS flag. I went and
disabled it in config.h. Now, it starts picking up the
getmntent code. But in this code, again the prototype
of getmntent on solaris and the way it is used in xffm
are different. Since i don't have any experience of
coding anything except telecom apps on solaris, i
really follow the code to do any changes. If you need
the mnttab.h header file for the prototypes i can send

them to you. otherwise http://docs.sun.com has all the
tutorials, references and man pages of solaris. Their
archives are searchable, so that you can look up for
system calls directly. Please help !!!



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