xffm bugfixes

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Mon Mar 31 06:45:18 CEST 2003

Most notable, the infamous popup bug is gone. Also RedHat and FreeBSD
binary package handling can be done without the keyboard. 
Stuff from this weekend's commits: 

- autotype_D, autotype_R and autotype_C elements added to popup 
- Autotype functions working both from main and popup menu. 
- Registered program appears in main and popup menu. 
- Added the "create xxx.tar.gz" function for directories in main and
popup menu. 
- Autotype functions now include binary package management: 
   * Install (rpm, deb, FreeBSD.tgz) 
   * Update (rpm, FreeBSD.tgz) 
   * Description (rpm, FreeBSD.tgz) 
   * List contents (rpm, FreeBSD.tgz) 
   (I dunno the instructions to do update, description and list for dpkg
- Debugged remove dialog and eliminated code duplication (except in
- Added environment variable XFFM_APPEND_FILES. If defined, the xffm
monitor will place new files it finds at the bottom of the folder
instead of at top (Jens and some others may prefer this). 
- Made autotrash collection the default. 
- fixed new, duplicate and others not refreshing in bookmarks 
- all important popups reflected in main menu 
- fixed infamous popup bug fixed (duh!) 
- fixed input termination messages 
- Translations reduced by use of errno values and strerror 
- fixed automatic appearance of wastebasket not working without


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