Status of xfce 4

Moritz Heiber MisterMoe at
Sat Mar 29 16:05:39 CET 2003

> Here's my thoughts on the status of XFce 4. Is this anywhere near to
> other people's impression?
> * libraries: ready


> * settings manager and plugins: ready

99% right, I think some of the plugins are missing i18 support.

> * xfwm4: ready

> * panel: ready

100% agreed. ;-p

> * xfdesktop: I think releasable, unless we _really_ want a menu editor
I personally don't use the desktop menu that often (What about making an addition to
xfdesktop for disabling the menus?), but I think we need an editor for the ppl who use it.

> * xffm: steam-rolling ahead, not entirely finished yet (?)

Lets say its "under very VERY (!) heavy" developement

> * xfce-utils: ready, apart from finishing the credits page in
>   xfce4-about

 ... and its missing i18 support ;-)

> * xfprint: haven't really tried it yet. Can't break much I guess,
>   so should be fine if it works as planned.

I haven't tried it as well (maybe the lunar XFce4 maintainer is a bit lazy with adding it
to the moonbase ;-p) ... but the first screenshots looked amazing. It'ld be great to ship
it with the final version of XFce4.

> * xfibx: not even in CVS, but seems simple enough and doesn't seem to
>   break stuff. Would be nice to have, I think.

> * documentation: Not finished by far. I think I would prefer to put all
>   documentation in a separate module. My feeling is that this will make
>   it easier to explain  how the desktop environment as a whole is 
>   supposed to work. 

I have to admit that I intented to write some of the docs but have been too lazy to start
over. But holidays are on their way so I might get the time to start ;-).

> Did I miss anything?

I think thats all.

> 	Jasper



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