Panel Autohide?

Erik Touve etouve at
Mon Mar 17 23:50:13 CET 2003

I've read on the list that it looks like autohide of the panel is not
currently being worked on.  Is this correct?

The logic for the taskbar supports autohide, and the code is fairly
straightforward (I've never looked at Gnome C code... I'm more of the
Windows C++ guy 'currently').  I've wanted to contribute to this
project, so I'm thinking about looking into support for this.

My initial thoughts:

1) I need 'hide' if autohide is on and the panel doesn't have focus.
(and I mean focus in terms of mouseover and/or performing actions on the
panel such as adding/editing/removing items).
2) If it does have focus and autohide is enabled 'show'.


1) Is it OK for me to look into this?  Is this something you all want
support for?
2) What are some of the problems that I'll probably run into?  I'm sure
someone here probably has a good idea as to the difficulty of this
task...  I'm assuming that if it was easy, it would already be done.
3) What are the modules I should zero in on?  I'll probably have to tie
into the same notifications the taskbar uses and adjust its size the
same way.  

Erik Touve <etouve at>

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