xftaskbar bug

Jonathan Gardner gardnerj at provide.net
Mon Mar 10 16:12:02 CET 2003

On Sunday, the 09th day of March, in the year of our Lord 2003, at 11:21
PM the esteemed person of letters, Michael Jakl quoth:

MJ> Hi, I found the the following bug (or, I can't figure out why it
MJ> should be usefull :-) in xftaskbar:
MJ> - tell xftaskbar to autohide
MJ> - open two instaces of a proggie (xftaskbar should stack them)
MJ> - click on the stack (xftaskbar shows the instances)
MJ> - click anywhere on the desktop --> xftaskbar doesn't hide, but the
MJ>   instace list ist gone.
MJ> After moving the mouse over the taskbar the effect is gone.

I see that too. What you'd expect to happen when clicking elsewhere is
that the instance list AND the taskbar should disappear, but only the list
disappears while the taskbar hangs around until you mouse over it.
No I don't have an answer, I was just clarifying the question. 


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