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Philip Dean pdengineer at myrealbox.com
Sun Mar 9 19:44:00 CET 2003

Okay, I realize this is only slightly related to Xfce (maybe not at all) but I thought this would be one of the better place to find some help.

This is want I am trying to do...  I have the source for Xfce-3.8.18 and am trying to modify the code for xfclock so that it tells the window manager to leave it borderless.  So far, I have found that GTK-1.2 should offer, in the <gtk/gtk.h> include, the call:

    gtk_window_set_decorated (GtkWindow *window, gboolean setting)

I thought this was simple enough but when I compile I get the error:

    undefined reference to `gtk_window_set_decorated'

I did some looking in my /usr/include/gtk-1.2/gtk/* files and can't find any similar function.  Is this not supposed to be there?  Am I missing something else here?  Is there a better way (or another way) to do this?  Should this be this hard?

I am not much of a programmer, but I thought this would be a simple way to get my feet wet.  You know, hard code it at first, then advance to adding a menu option to set it and so forth.  I wasn't expecting it to stump me this quickly.  Any help would be great.


Philip Dean

PS.  I should mention that since the first time I sent the email to the wrong address, I have also tried the gdk_window_set_decorations() with no luck.  It will actually compile, but does nothing as the window is of type GtkWindow not GdkWindow.  I am sure I am doing something simple but wrong.  Thanks for any help.

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