iconbox, panel, etc positioning

Tobias Henle tobias at page23.de
Fri Mar 7 10:28:59 CET 2003

hi manny

manny rosa wrote:
> oh, what if
> the iconbox can group multiple windows from the same
> application like the taskbar. For example, multiple
> windows of Phoenix show up as one entry in the taskbar
> with a menu that comes out when you click on it so you
> can select a particular window.

*topy gapes* sorry to lazy but in general it is a good idea ;).
i will think about it, it's not as easy as becourse i have not account it during 
the implementation of xfibx so if i want to do it i must reimplement mutch 
stuff. general i ment that an ibx should not do such thinks but if you need/want 
it and it would be usefull for other people i is worth a look.

so if i have time and im bored i will look if there is a easy posbibility to do it.


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