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Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Sat Mar 1 08:41:44 CET 2003

Great. Thanks Benny.


On Fri, 2003-02-28 at 23:29, Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Hello,
> I've added an option --disable-rpath to libxfcegui4 and libxfce4mcs (other
> modules will follow) to disable the hardcoding of run time library search
> paths (especially the X11 library path) into the libs. This was requested
> for Debian and may also be usefull on other Linux distros. But use this
> option with care, cause it can prevent Xfce4 from running at all on
> ELF based Unix systems, that rely on the library search path given
> in the object files (either shared libraries or binaries). Use this
> option only if you are completely sure, that you know what you are
> doing.
> regards,
> Benedikt
Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at>

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