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Ric fhj52ads at
Mon Jun 23 22:00:48 CEST 2003

Hi Benedikt:

Thanks - was not sure if the effort was needed.  

I RE-built SRPMS from Beta1 with some spec mod's and
compiled RPMS that all worked/installed ( except the new
gtk-xfce-engine because it conflicted with 'gtk-engines2'
and "xfce" that have the older gtk-xfce-engine  files ).
Doing that was mostly an experiment to see if it could be
done with XFce4 and how best to do it.  Doing it here is
okay but making it so that another MDK can use them is,
well, you know, harder.
Everything was running AOK and then, a few days ago, user
and root, both, got hammered -different errors in the
display- panel won't start, <blah>  ...   Anyway, once Beta
2 can be had, I will work on it again and will test them on
a vanilla MDK9 install I have on another system( Beta2 was
just too close to release to make the fix&test effort for
Beta1 ).  If the tests on it are ok, I'll let you folks
know about it. 

--- Benedikt Meurer <Benedikt.Meurer at>
> On Mon, 23, Jun 2003, Ric wrote:
> > On that note I have another question:  
> > Is there a need for someone to test XFce4 on
> > MandrakeSoft 9.x distro; provide S/RPMS, bug reports,
> I'm using XFce4 on MDK9 at work, although I never really
> managed to
> get working RPMs (might be due to the fact that I really
> hate RPM,
> and RPM hates me :-). It would be nice if someone could
> provide
> MDK9 RPMs, atleast it would make life a bit easier for me
> :-)
> Benedikt
> -- 

BTW, RPM is a picky !  but she's easy if you talk nice to
her & about her.

Have A Great Day!


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