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Thu Jun 19 17:15:22 CEST 2003

El jue, 19-06-2003 a las 09:26, Bernhard Walle escribió:
> Hello,
> I have two proposals to improve the xffm handling:
>  1. If I mark two files and want to delete them, I normally right click.
>     But this doesn't work in xffm since only one file is deleted then.
>     I think the normal behaviour of a context menu should be to do the
>     operations on the marked are, not on last-clicked.

You have to press CTRL while doing right click on the last file. This
will select the last file and bring up the popup without unselecting
anything previous. This is linked to the way the gtk handler works so
there's not much that can be do about it (save write a new event
handler). You can also use the delete key, main menu entry or toolbar
button to delete all without unselecting.

>  2. There's no possibility to set up xffm in a way that files would be
>     immediately deleted by default. What do you think about such a
>     option. It should just change the preselection in the confirm
>     dialog from "Trash" to "Delete".

Kind of a "oops" safeguard. One of the initial xffm designs had a
"trash'em" and a "delete'em" buttons instead of the checkbox and the
"yes" button. But it was much criticised and the current design ensued.



> Regards,
> Bernhard
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