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Craig A. Betts craig.betts at
Mon Jun 16 23:28:06 CEST 2003

edscott wilson garcia wrote:
 > Solaris is very picky about stdio functions with NULL or uninitialized
 > variables. The line that croaks is:
 > g_snprintf(caption, sizeof(caption), "%s: %s",tl->options.tooltip, s);
 > Probably tl->options.tooltip is not a valid memory location. My guess is
 > that the triggerlauncher in question has no tooltip defined, and when tl
 > is allocated, options.tooltip is not initialized to "" (initializing to
 > NULL will cause a crash in Solaris).
 > If you define a tooltip when adding the triggerlauncher does it crash as
 > well?
 > Edscott

It doesn't even get that far.  The crash happens when I try to add the
two-state-launcher to the panel.  The panel dissappears for about two
seconds and then reappears when I perform this action.

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