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Danny danny.milo at
Thu Jun 12 19:55:54 CEST 2003


Am Fre, 2003-06-06 um 21.35 schrieb Olivier Fourdan:
> On Fri, 2003-06-06 at 21:03, Danny wrote:
> > 
> > Tell me something to convince meee ;)
> > 
> Services are typically started with a "start" command and stopped with
> "stop" => two diffferent commands.

Hmm... I see... if you see the commands as single commands rather than
applications, you are right... and the ppp guys obviously did see it
like that too...

I'll add that probably...

Though I fear the property stuff of the trigger-launcher will get
*really* high (as in window height) and messy... (3x launch command, use
term, use sn widgets)

any ideas about how to prevent that before I go break stu... uhm change
that ? ;)

btw Also for people like me who write small frontend-like start/stop
scripts to use with the trigger-launcher, typing in the same command
with different args in the properties can surely get annoying... maybe
I'll add a "copy 1st entry to 2nd and 3rd" button though... hmm... waah
the whole idea seems so unneccesarily complicated as opposed to just
using a 5 line shell wrapper around ppp-up, ppp-down and pidof pppd...

well, can someone give me some hints about how to keep the property
dialog easy to use? :)

> Cheers,

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