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Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Thu Jun 5 14:43:58 CEST 2003

Hello Philip,

On Wed, 4 Jun 2003 21:53:14 -0500
Philip Dean <pdengineer at> wrote:
> 1. The Run Program dialog box has a very small issue.  It auto
> completes from its history.  If I run the command  /home/phild/xsmb it
> runs xsmb.  Now, there is no way for me to run the command
> /home/phild/Xsmb.  This could be a different file, but it always
> replaces it with the first command.  Ignoring the capital 'X'.

whoah! You're right. I didn't know that ;) It is something in gtk, I
believe. I'll have a look.

> 2. The two-state trigger:  this may be a feature request so you are
> free to ignore this.  Would it be possible to have two commands.  One
> that runs with the launcher is clicked on and a second that is run if
> the launcher is clicked off.  That way you could run a program and
> then kill it.  Or as I would use it for, running the ppp-on and
> ppp-off script. (still on dial up)

I agree. Danny, what do you think?

> 3. This is really a small one.  I am
now using the iconbox and am
> really like what it adds.  However, is there a way to set the level? 
> As it is, it is always on top.  I am sure I am in the minority, but I
> don't use the margines and like the active window to be on top - of
> everything. Like I said, this is minor.

I don't know, perhaps it could follow the panel settings? Tobias?

> Okay, with those said.  I would like to state again how much I love
> this environment.  It makes me wish I could code well enough to work
> on some of the ideas and plugins I have wandering around in my head. 
> This has been a wonderful experience to see such quality of a project
> form right before my email!  :o)
> Keep up the GREAT work!

Thanks ;-)


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