xffm suggestions (Was: Re: alpha xffm rpms available)

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Thu Jan 30 00:04:05 CET 2003

El mié, 29-01-2003 a las 15:10, Jasper Huijsmans escribió:
> Ok, some more ideas that may or may not make sense.
> It seems to me the right-click menu has too many submenus. When I click
> on a file 99/100 times I want to open, cut/copy/paste or remove it, so I
> believe the edit submenu, should be on the top level menu. Something
> more like:
> Open -->
> ---
> Cut
> Copy
> Paste
> ---
> Remove
> ---
> Rename
> Symlink
> ---

I agree it should be rearranged. I use the duplicate command alot. What
I don't want is a very long menu because then its hard to find what you
want. Some elements could be cut out of the popup and left only in
either the toolbar or the main menu. I didn't want to do this before I
heard other opinions on what should be on the popup and what on the main
menu and what in the toolbar.

> ...
> Also I think two rows of icons on top is a bit much. I think the first
> bar with the zoom icons appended could be nice.

I would like to keep xffm slim, so that 2 or three can be placed side by
side. This means the toolbar cannot have too much stuff. I was thinking
on the line of having a little button like mozilla which hide/unhides
toolbars and saves the configuration selected in the user preferences. 

> And I would like to be able to use <Enter> to unfold/fold directories. I
> think keyboard navigation is quite important in a file manager.

It doesn't work? hmm... You're right. I guess that's a bug.

> Anyway, I don't think I told you it looks really good and it's very fast
> at loading large directories. So it's not only criticism from me :)

I'm a worse critic ;-) It's slow when you have many image previews so it
needs a way to disable them. It also needs a way to create a fullsize
preview in a separate window of a selected file. The properties toolbar
button does not work. It does not expand tar files. It does not expand
rpm files. And I'm just getting started...



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