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Tue Jan 28 17:29:25 CET 2003

On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Hi Lonnie,
> > > What I would like to see is at least a program that can run as X session
> > > owner (or how you would call that) so that all xfce4 apps can quit the X
> > > session through that 'session' app. Like ROx session.
> ROX session is not a session manager. Run the xfce4-panel as your last entry in
> your .xinitrc, click on the quit button and it quits. What's more ?

That wasn't working for me as of last week's CVS.  I religiously followed
Jasper's HOWTO on setting up the initscript.

> > FWIW, i agree 100%.  I honestly can't see XFCE4 getting serious acceptance
> > if there is no session management, especially when XFCE3 has/had it.
> > Removing functionality from a product, be it software or oven mitts, is
> > usually the fastest way to loose your customer base.
> xfce3 never had session management. xfwm was taking care of restoring apps after
> a logout/logon, but that's not real session management. It would have not worked
> with remote apps, for example.

OK, my mistake, sorry.

> > The ability to right click on a window bar, and have it (un)shade, just as
> > it did in XFCE3.  This might sound minor to some folks, but this is huge
> > in my book.  It was a key feature in XFCE3, and removing it in XFCE4
> > really detracts from usabilitiy in my opinion.  Yes, i know about the
> > little menu that appears in XFCE4 when you right click, but its not the
> > same.  I want the same one-click method.  Anything more is cumbersome
> But that's the way it is. xfce4 is not just xfce3+gtk2, it's a totally different
> architecture. You may not like it, but that's the way it is.
> My opinion on this was stated back in September in this message posted on xfce4
> development list :
> http://moongroup.com/pipermail/xfce4-dev/2002-September/000514.html
> xfwm was way too complicated to maintain, bugs were hard to track down. xfwm4 is
> a lot better, the code is cleaner and faster. You may not be sensitive to these
> arguments, but in the long term, that will make a difference.

No offense, but these excuses are ridiculous.  They ignore usability out
of convenience for developers.  Different architecture isn't an excuse for
different funtionality, IMO.

> As for shading windows, why not assigning this action to double click on the
> title bar ? The xfwm4 config gui gives you that option...

Because double clicking on the title bar should (IMO) maximize the window,
as it does in XFCE3.  I dont' think i'm being unreasonable to expect that
basic functionality should remain the same.

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