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On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, gardnerj posted the following:

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g>From: Chuck Mead <csm at>
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g>Date:  Tue, 28 Jan 2003 11:05:58 -0500 (EST)
g>>I am already using compression. Sorry I did not make that clear. 
g>>And yes you are correct it is the sf end of the connection which is high
g>>latency and that is why I would like it if we did not have to suffer
g>>through their problems. At least if something were to happen to it while
g>>we were doing our own cvs we could influence the outcome. As it is we
g>>are slaves to the situation of the moment at sf.
g>I'm with you Chuck. I wasn't aware exactly what your resources were,
g>so I thought I was jesting. One thing I've noticed about xfce's cvs is
g>that everytime I upgrade, it seems to upload for an unusually long
g>time before starting the download. I say unusual because other
g>projects (even ones hosted on SF) that I check out from cvs like gaim,
g>plib, FlightGear, SimGear, and dillo do not do this.  It would make
g>sense IMO to host the cvs at the "same place" as the website and the
g>mailing list, but I'm no developer, just a vocal end user who catches
g>the occasional weird bug.

Obviously I agree. and for the record I am not much a developer either 
though I consider myself a fair admin. :-)

So far as resources go I am pretty capable... I have 4 machines in a
colo that has 5xT1's worth of broadband 1 hop off of Qwest's backbone.  
The ISP in question is quite happy to host me as I am their 3rd tier
tech support... they call me when it's really, really broken and I send
them no bill in return.

The machine that hosts xfce's web page has no cvs on it now but it would 
be a simple matter to make it so.

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