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Tue Jan 28 17:14:00 CET 2003

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Date:  Tue, 28 Jan 2003 11:05:58 -0500 (EST)

>I am already using compression. Sorry I did not make that clear. 
>And yes you are correct it is the sf end of the connection which is high
>latency and that is why I would like it if we did not have to suffer
>through their problems. At least if something were to happen to it while
>we were doing our own cvs we could influence the outcome. As it is we
>are slaves to the situation of the moment at sf.

I'm with you Chuck. I wasn't aware exactly what your resources were, so I thought I was jesting. One thing I've noticed about xfce's cvs is that everytime I upgrade, it seems to upload for an unusually long time before starting the download. I say unusual because other projects (even ones hosted on SF) that I check out from cvs like gaim, plib, FlightGear, SimGear, and dillo do not do this. 
It would make sense IMO to host the cvs at the "same place" as the website and the mailing list, but I'm no developer, just a vocal end user who catches the occasional weird bug.


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