xfce4 development

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Tue Jan 28 11:29:54 CET 2003

Hi Botsie,

> * Minimised window icons: I don't use the taskbar, and selecting from a
> menu is awkward. This is the one thing preventing me from using
> XFDesktop. 

That one should not be much work, given that Thomas has already done the job in
the filer :)

> * Some kind of configurable desktop menu. 

> * Any others? These the ones that bug me ... 

Keyboard shorcuts. I should take care of that with xfwm4 since it already grabs
a bunch of keys anyway.
> Other than these ... I think a feature freeze is great idea. Perhaps
> we'll finally start working on documentation ... :-)

And we need to give times to translators. That's why only a couple of packages
support i18n yet, because I don't want people to start making localization if
the messages are going to change before the final release...

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Designed for productivity,  it loads  and  executes  applications fast,
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