Focus and xftaskbar problems

Michael Jakl mj at
Sat Jan 25 19:05:21 CET 2003

is it possible to focus an window (preferable the last I've been working
in) after changing the workspace? By now the xftaskbar (or the panel) gets 
the focus.
I think it would increase the usability...

Second question:
I'm running xmms with the playlist editor open. Whenever I minimize xmms
both get minimized --> ok! But when I click on the button in the
xftaskbar only the playlist opens. After that I've to close the playlist
and click (again) on the button in the xftaskbar.
As far as I can remember, this "problem" didn't occure with a previous
version of the taskbar (I guess around 10.01.2003).

BTW: XFce and the surrounding progs are great, I love them!


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