xfce-mcs-manager [was New xfwm4]

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Fri Jan 24 16:35:21 CET 2003

Hi Thomas,

> Somehow, hiding all errors doesn't appeal ;-) Also, it still tries to take
> over the mouse (since that isn't an XSetting). What would be really good
> is if running 'xfwm4' only tries to have any effect on window management.
> Running the mcs manager separately could turn on all the other bits.

BTW, I've reduced the verbosity of libxfce4mcs...

You cannot tell the manager to load a specific plugin and leave the others out.
You run the manager, it scans for available plugins and load them.

What you can do is remove the plugins that you don't want, so the manager won't
load them.

Better yet, and that's probably what we'll need to do for rox, is add a
configure option to not compile and install the default plugins that ship with
xfce-mcs-manager (typically the one that interfere with ROX Session), but just
the manager itself so that xfwm4 can use it.

As for xfwm4, it manage windows and that's it. But, just like GNOME apps run
gconf if not running, xfwm4 tries to connect to an mcs-manager and launches one
if none is running. 

> I don't think we have much say over whether GTK+ adopts it (if GTK stops
> using XSettings, then ROX-Session must change too).

Well, I'm puzzled with this approach. Someone says "hey, this is the standard
now" and even before the standard is adopted (AFAIK KDE doesn't use XSettings
yet, I don't even know if they plan to use it), the same people go and say "hey,
now we'll find another standard". Standards aren't supposed to change every few
months or so, or at least, it's not called "standards"... Anyway, that's
definitely off topic :)

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