New xfwm4

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Thu Jan 23 13:06:09 CET 2003

Hi Thomas,

> Yes, I understand what it's trying to do, I just want to turn it off ;-)
> I'd like to have xfwm4 using mcs for its own stuff, but let ROX-Session
> handle XSettings (ie, have running xfwm4 ONLY do window manager things).
> I guess anyone wanting to run xfwm4 in GNOME, etc, would have the same
> problem.

Actually, it's what it does right now, it just doesn't replace the existing
XSettings manager and display warnings about that... Maybe it should be less
verbose, or maybe your startup script could redirect the messages to /dev/null
for ROX users :)

Another workarround would be to remove the plugins that access standard
xsettings, and other settings covered by ROX Session, ie mouse_plugin,
keyboard_plugin and ui_plugin.

> Of course, once new-conf is implemented we can share the settings and the
> user can configure things from either, but that's quite a way off :-(

Yes, humm, it must prove to be suitable first :) I don't feel like using a "gaz
factory" as we say in french :)

> Looks like this was actually caused by the upgrade to GTK+-2.2 (it
> helpfully unsets the _NET_WM_DESKTOP property for you... nice).

Ahah! That's why it shows the exact same behaviour in metacity so... Glad it's
not a problem with xfwm4, but an annoying bug with gtk+-2.2, for sure.

BTW, I checked the mouse plugin and indeed, there is a typo... I typed 2 instead
of 12 for the default mouse acceleration, so you bet the mouse was slow at first
run :)

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