xffm and dbh

nestu the_new_guiri at yahoo.es
Wed Jan 8 08:51:06 CET 2003

Hello everyone! ;)
Mmmmm, just a mail to gain a little time 'till this afternoon to get my script
finally working, with new functionality aswell ( I said _working_ ! :P ). Any
patches are welcome, although I'm working on an extended version and quite a
few changes... Special thanks to complainers and patchers ;)
Now the second reason is because I can't get dbh to compile, so I can't get
xffm working... The problem is make, that is complaining of a missing white
space on line 230, when it's just starting. I've tried ./compile and
autogen.sh w/o luck :"(. Wouldn't it be beautiful to get my script working
with xffm? (that, btw, is in it, if you haven't noticed :P ) Gracias en
cualquier caso por el xffm, Edscott ;) ( hey, come on practicing your spanish
boys! ) - that's "thanks in any case for xffm, Edscott" :P
Thank you all ! ;)
C U tonight! 
nestu ;)

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