[OT] Re: automatic XFce4 updating script, ver 0.1

Daniel Ciaglia daniel at ciaglia.de
Tue Jan 7 22:40:35 CET 2003

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003 21:09:58, Daniel Ciaglia <daniel at ciaglia.de> wrote:

[ patch ]

Well, found some new problems ;-(

I don't want to run any script with superuser-permissions (we all make
mistakes and an rm whitout the -i flag can do, hmpf, something $EVIL), so
I can't install the libraries automaticly. But the whole compilation
(actually the linking) depends on this.
So this script isn't that useful when I have to build the libs by hand +
install them and then I can compile the other stuff.

If you don't want to run this script with root-permissions you have to
install the libs etc. in an directory under /home/$user and can't use
XFCE4 as another one...

Well, I've attached another patch (hopefully the last one) against the
original-script from the Webpage.

Have fun,

PS: I think this is a little bit offtopic here. So all replys to me or the
original poster ;-)

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