automatic XFce4 updating script, ver 0.1

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Tue Jan 7 15:49:03 CET 2003

El dom, 05-01-2003 a las 16:21, nestu escribió:
> Hi there!
> Just a quick note to say that bkw has put my script up on a web, so you can
> complain about it (do it, please, I want feedback!). Feel free to say you
> dislike it completely aswell ;). Check it out at
> In it's actual state it's
> harmless, because there's an exit half way through it. 
> Happy new year!
> nestu ;)


On specifying an alternate root directory, I get this:

$ --root=/home/edscott/tmp
options are set to:
        download = on
         compile = on
          silent = off
            root = /home/edscott/tmp
           clean = on
          remove = off
           force = off
         nosetup = on
Do you wish to continue? [y default | n]
/home/edscott/bin/ line 190: syntax error near unexpected
token `cd'
/home/edscott/bin/ line 190: `   cd $module; '



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